Demonstration route

Mass Transit

Get off at Banqiao Railway Station

Banqiao Railway Station

Walk for about 3 minutes from Exit 1 of Fuzhong MRT Station, and drive for about 7-8 minutes after getting off at Xinpu MRT Station

Banqiao District Office or Banqiaoguan West Road Station


Take the Zhongshan Gaowugu Interchange > Connect to Expressway 64 > Take the Banqiao Exit > Turn right at Wenhua Road > Connect to Dongmen Street and you will arrive.
North No. 2 High School and Interchange then connect to the east-west expressway > Turn left at Banqiao Xia Wenhua Road > Go to Banqiao Railway Station and then take Dongmen Street.
Get off at Tucheng Interchange and connect to Expressway 65 > Exit Banqiao Exit 2 > Xianmin Avenue > Turn left at Guanqian West Road > East Gate Street.
Taipei City > Banqiao > Huajiang Bridge down > Wenhua Road > Dongmen Street.

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※Image source: New Taipei City Government/National Cultural Affairs Bureau